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We’re excited to announce our long time teacher, Vickie Klosky, will be the future owner of Source Yoga. She has been a teacher at Source for over 10 years and has been teaching 30+ years. With this change and the transition to our new location at 11441 Overlook Drive on 12-17 (less than 1 mile from our current spot), we’ll also focus on encouraging community engagement and reaching out to all people around us!

“I am grateful for the 18 years that the students and teachers have supported the center. It has been a Source of inspiration to me that I followed my heart to offer yoga to this community and that you came into the center to uplift your body, mind and heart in the process. I will forever hold all of you in my heart.” ~ Janie Gunn, Founder. Source Yoga

Source Yoga Winter Solstice Event : Dec. 17 from 8:30 am- 1 pm

This is a FREE event to celebrate our move to our new location at 11441 Overlook Drive in Fishers. All of our teachers will be teaching a segment of each class with the following schedule:

8:30-9:30 a.m. Slow flow w/Elizabeth & Vickie
10:00- 11:00 a.m. Slow flow w/Annie & Angela
11:15- 12:00 Gentle w/Jennifer & Janie
12:15-12:30 Pranayama & Meditation w/Barb

There will be breaks between sessions and after the final session. Enjoy snacks & teas as you tour the new facility and celebrate with Janie as she turns over ownership to Vickie on 1/1/2023. Janie will continue teaching through 12/30/2022.

Thank YOU for being a student at Source Yoga! You can register in advance or walk in and take any session. This is a FREE event to honor Source Yoga and Janie through the transition.

Try a Source Yoga Live-Streamed Online Video Class Free. Call 317-915-9642 for Details

Classes at Source Yoga Center

Intro to Yoga

Throughout the year, Intro to Yoga workshops are offered at the center for beginners. Each 3 week series will help you get started with the basics of yoga in an relaxed atmosphere where all questions are welcome!  Check our Classes and to view our video streaming and workshops at the center.

Slow-Flow Yoga

This class is appropriate for those with experience in yoga. With a focus on warming up the body and then moving into a slow flow, linking poses together then winding down with stretching before moving into the final pose of relaxation- savasana. Classes are taught by our experienced certified instructors.

Sunday Prenatal Yoga

On Sunday afternoon, Jennifer Bauchner offers Prenatal Yoga on Zoom to guide you through gentle yoga strengthening and stretching along with breathing exercises to help moms-to-be care for themselves during this special time. Jennifer is certified instructor with many years of experience.


Tausha Luttrell specializes in deep tissue massage that gets into the belly of the muscles in order to release tension at a deep level. When we reopen, you can schedule directly with Tausha by calling 317-709-4559 anytime, or click below to visit Healing Roots Massage.

Body, Breath & Being

Move your body with 30 minutes of asana, breathe better with pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditate to return to the center of your being. This class combines all 3 aspects of yoga practice to bring about a calm centered energy. Angela Nichols has over a decade of experience teaching multiple yoga styles.

Intermediate Yoga

Source offers a variety of intermediate classes that are ideal for those with more yoga experience and for students who want to explore, expand and deepen their practice as they take these popular live, online video classes with Angela Nichols or Elizabeth Huselton

Classes & Pricing
Starting at $ 7.67

Our prices haven’t changed since we opened 17 years ago!

Single Classes

$15per class
  • Come to any regularly scheduled class!
  • Pay as You Grow
  • Walk-ins Welcome

Monthly Members

$767and Up Per Class
  • $69 for 9 classes per month ($7.67 per class)
  • $39 for 5 classes per month ($7.80 per class)
  • Pay month to month. Renews automatically. Details at or online store.

Multi Class Packages

$1250and Up Per Class
  • $125 for our 10 class package ($12.50 per class)
  • $100 for our 10 class package (Senior Discount)
  • $65 for our 5 class package ($13 per class)
  • Take any regular class – any day before the package expiration date (details at our online store)

New Yoga Student Pack

$834per class
  • $25 for the 3 Intro to Yoga Classes ($8.33 per class)
  • For those who are new to the center
  • $6 per class for School Students up to 21 years old

Why Source Yoga Center?


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Reflections and Updates

The Season of Winter

December 21st was the Winter Solstice which honors the darkest day of the year and nature transitioning into a new season. Many cultures honor this day as a sacred time to reflect on the past year and to set intentions for the New Year. Yoga traditions often celebrate

Gratitude In the Midst of Change

As we move into the month of November many changes occur. The leaves are displaying their colors before dying and falling off the trees. It is a part of the seasonal changes that nature brings to this part of the country and represents the cycles of life as

Transitioning Gracefully Through Change

October heralds the beginning of moving from summer to fall. Mother nature transitions from warmer weather to cooler temps often in the same day! Many bemoan the fact that once fall passes winter arrives. Yet, the only constant in our life is change and being able to

Labor Of Love

Labor Day is a holiday that is celebrated in our country as a reminder to honor all those who labored in difficult times. It led to the advent of unions to bring about much needed changes in work conditions.

My parents’ generation and those that came before

​Adhikara – the studentship of yoga

As students head back to school (already!) it reminds me of the importance of being a lifelong student of yoga. Adhikara is broken down to mean adhi “oneself” kara “to make”; in other words, it is the process of making oneself ready for practice.

How do we make

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