The second chakra, Svadhistana, is located in the region of the sacrum in the back body and the reproductive organs in the front body. This energy center is associated with passion, desire, movement, change and the ability to balance dualities and polarities. It is also related to the human talent of creativity. It is from this center that we express our passionately held beliefs and views. From this energy, we create; not only in the sense of reproduction, but also works of art, music, and literature, and in the act of living in the here and now; doing whatever makes us feel fully alive.

When we vibrate from this center, life is colorful, fun, and full of meaning. When the energy of this chakra is blocked, we feel listless, dull, bored, and empty. I have a good friend, Jason Barnaby, who has a whole business based on living from the second chakra. He helps people find what sparks their inner fire and pursue it wholeheartedly. His mantras are “#IgniteHope, #TorchFear, and get #ComfortableBeingUncomfortable.” You can meet Jason here

Svadhistana is represented by the color orange it’s a color that you can’t help but notice. Bright and vibrant, in nature it’s found in the middle of a flame, a beautiful sunset, tigers and tropical fish. Orange is hard to ignore. So is the movement of second chakra energy. It gives us the motivation to grow, change and adapt. It drives new ideas and expression of our personalities into the world.

The second chakra is also closely associated with the earth element of water. Water, in its liquid form is meant to flow. If it stands still, it becomes stagnant; but when it flows with a current or tide it is a powerful force. In the same way, Svadhistana energy is about movement and balance between two extremes. This energy allows us to see two sides of a spectrum and find balance between the two. As anyone who has ever practiced a balance pose knows, balance isn’t static, it requires constant movement and adjustment to the forces within and around you.

The svadhistana chakra is located in the pelvic bowl of the body, near the hip joints. The hips are also associated with the water element. Think about the actions of pelvic integration and the balance between taking the inner thighs back and apart to create space and freedom of movement in the low back vs. tucking the tailbone and lifting the low belly to create stability and balance. In the same way, svadhistana allows us to find balance between giving and receiving, self-care and serving others, individual rights and the common good.

When this chakra is overactive, a person will see everything in terms of sexuality; maybe being overly consumed with their physical attractiveness and in constant pursuit of sexual partners. But the opposite can happen too. As human beings we are the only animals who make conscious choices about reproduction. As such, we are also the only animals who experience sexual insecurity. Obsession with our sexual attractiveness and whether or not we have a partner can result when this center is overactive as well.

When the chakra is weak, life is dull and dark. You may feel depressed, hopeless, and like life isn’t worth living. You may lose your passion for activities that once brought great joy and find it hard to see anything as worth doing. The shadow emotion of the second chakra is guilt. When this chakra is blocked, a person may be consumed by guilt about past choices and actions.

In this second week of the year, we will work with finding a balance between freedom and stability on our mat. In the rest of our lives, let’s celebrate the Svadhistana chakra by dedicating ourselves to doing whatever makes us feel most alive, unashamed, and with the passion and power of a flowing river. You do you, as only you can!

Angela Nichols