June 1st marks the meteorological start of summer. The days are growing longer as we move towards the summer solstice which is at 11:31 PM on June 20th this year. That day marks the longest day of light and signifies that we are moving from darkness to light.

This past year’s pandemic plunged many into darkness. From staying indoors more, dealing with loss and illness, working and zooming from home, students dealing with virtual learning and so much more. It was a time for everyone to reflect and regroup. To go inward and reflect on what truly matters in your life. Many were caught in the struggle of just surviving throughout this historic time.

Now we are moving out from that intensity and celebrating more freedom with the arrival of summer. We desire to awaken and celebrate the ability to go out more and be more social in our day to day lives. It is a time to move from survival mode into thriving in our lives.

The sun is literally fire. We are soaking up the energy of the suns fire and as it heats up consider easing into all the new activities that are opening up for you. Fire is the energy that burns through impurities and also ignites passion within. What fires you up? What do you desire to explore and engage with this summer?

Ultimately yoga’s goal is that you recognize the light within you. That beneath any struggles there is a guiding light that you can tap into any time. It is a remembrance that our lives are a combination of darkness and light. Times of great sorrow and times of immense joy. Yoga helps you recognize these aspects of yourSelf and to embrace it all.

As you move through the cycles of nature be present for it all. The sound of the cicadas, the abundance of your garden, the light in the smiles and hugs you can now safely receive. There is so much beauty in our world and now is the time to expand your love and light in the world.

The center is having a Summer Solstice Celebration and Open House Sunday, June 20th from 3-5 p.m.

Various teachers will offer a variety of sun salutations to celebrate the longest day of light as summer officially begins. Erik Peden will be on hand with his music to set the tone and a special meditation will be led by Barb as well.

Janie Gunn