The spring equinox happens on 3/20/2021 and it signifies rebirth and renewal. After a year of dealing with the pandemic hope is on the horizon. More people are getting vaccinated and life will start returning to a new normal in the near future. It is still safest to get together outdoors and celebrate nature as spring approaches. And remain vigilant with mask wearing indoors. In my long walks in nature, I notice the crocuses coming up out of the ground, the grass getting greener, the ducks and geese returning to my backyard pond and nature reawakening all around me.

It is a time to savor. The spring equinox has a balance of daytime and nighttime. Another reminder to stay in balance in our own lives. To recognize when you are either working too much or laying around too much- easier to do during this pandemic. Rise back up and re-engage with the world around you in ways that enliven and energize you. As the weather warms up take time to do yoga outdoors barefoot. This practice is called “earthing” and you actually breathe in the steadiness of the earth energy into your entire being. Tree pose is a favorite of mine to practice outdoors by my willow tree. An added bonus is that it is a balance pose as well! A reminder that you have made it through this winter and all the challenges the pandemic brought and you still blossomed!

One unique fact is that the sun rises due east and sets due west for everyone on the planet on this day. We are all connected energetically in this way. We breathe the same air and cherish our ability to nurture our breath with our yoga pranayama practices.

My grandson was born 6 years ago on the spring equinox. After my daughter went through a very challenging labor and delivery Gavin came into this world. It was a miracle and his light shines brightly every day. Another reminder to celebrate that love and beauty is all around when we take the time to become consciously aware and present.

Equinox = Equanimity which is the goal of yoga- to cultivate an evenness and mental calmness so that you navigate life without extreme ups and downs. You recognize that all that you go through is a part of your journey. Kundalini yoga includes the song whose lyrics contain “May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you, guide your way on.” Happy spring!

Janie Gunn