We live in a time of overwhelming use of screen time via I-pads, phones, video games and being logged in too much! It has shortened our attention span as we swipe through too often. Yoga and meditation are the antidotes for this challenge.

Yoga asana helps you to prepare your body for meditation. It helps to release the tensions that have built up during the day. The physical body needs the Attention so that it can function optimally through the various movements in a safe way. Nurturing your body with healthy foods and drinking plenty of pure water will help your energy levels as well. Getting quality sleep and rest is necessary as well.

Meditation is the art of practicing stillness so that you can tap into the universal consciousness that is the essence of spiritual practice. Focusing on setting an Intention to be present and aware of this bigger energy of God- the life force- spirit- whatever you relate to enhances your practice. Start by finding a comfortable seated position whether cross legged or in a chair. Sit tall and breathe ujaii breath to center yourself and cultivate present moment awareness. Set an Intention for Attention.

As you move through your day become more aware of how you use or overuse tools for communication. Do you catch yourself mindlessly swiping? Once you do come back to being present. Take your Intention to connect to spirit and universal consciousness into your Attention of your own soul’s individual consciousness. Practice feeling both this bigger energy and your own energy connected throughout the day. It is like plugging in to an electrical socket which enlivens every thought and every action.

Your life will become more easeful and joyful as you stay connected in this way. The best way to see if it works for you is to try it for 30 days. Then notice how your Intention for Attention enhances your life experience.

Janie Gunn