One of the definitions of perseverance is the ability to do something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. It requires steady adherence to a course of action, belief or purpose. Heart qualities include persistence and determination along with steadfastness.

This past year with the pandemic affecting everyone has been a time where we all must persevere. One way is to remember all the blessings that you have and to embrace any lessons that you can glean from this experience. For me, the ability to move to online classes during the worst of the case numbers and to keep calm and carry on with the goal to offer yoga at a time when it is needed now more than ever has been growth full in many ways.

Myself and all of the teachers are so grateful for the loyal students that have transitioned to Zoom during this time. As we prepare to re-open for in-center classes March 8th we will continue to offer both options so we can share our passion of yoga with you. Yoga takes perseverance as well. To reap the most benefits a daily practice of 15-30 minutes along with once or twice a week classes cultivate strength, flexibility and a balanced state of being in your body, mind and heart. It is this dedicated consistency that helps you maintain wholeness on all levels.

This pandemic has helped me to persevere in a daily pranayama and meditation practice as well. It has invited us all to journey inward to a deeper connection with our spiritual essence. I invite you to take these steps towards your own daily practice:

  • Set a time each day aside for a 15–20-minute session (morning is my preferred time right when I arise).
  • Have a space that is quiet and clean with a chair or props for seated meditation.
  • Begin by closing your eyes and practice ujaii breathing to a count of 4 breaths in and 4 breaths out through your nostrils – you can lengthen the count and add alternate nostril breathing as well.
  • Then sit silently or use a mantra to focus your mind- I like ham or I am
  • Release and then go about your day

Other tools for keeping your mental emotional state uplifted is to take daily walks outdoors, to keep a gratitude journal and take the time to write 3 things in you are grateful for every day, connect with like-minded positive friends and family and encourage each other. Reach out to someone or volunteer to those in need.

The Mars rover is aptly named Perseverance as well and it has been amazing to watch the team at NASA work together to achieve their goals. They have some pretty amazing pictures as well online! Just another example of what is possible in spite of challenges.

We will all persevere through this unprecedented time and along the way we have learned what truly matters- the love and connections we have maintained throughout. Thank you for staying connected and continue to practice your yoga!

Janie Gunna