Perseverance and patience… These two qualities go hand in hand as we pass the 9-month mark of Covid-19 with the numbers of those affected continuing to explode. Perseverance is defined as having steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Patience is defined as having the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset.

As we approach the holiday season these two qualities are imperative for maintaining the CDC guidelines- which means avoiding large family gatherings or crowds and continuing to wear a mask, practice social distancing and wash your hands regularly using hand sanitizer when needed. Be ever vigilant in order to protect yourself and others by following their guidelines.

Yoga encompasses practices that will help you develop these qualities in your body, mind and heart. Practicing pranayama (breathing exercises) is your tool for keeping your lungs healthier, encouraging a calm steady presence of BEing as well. The asana (postures) is another way to develop steadfastness as well as flexibility. We develop patience through the practice when we are kind to our bodies and listen to the cues to back off when needed in order to avoid forcing beyond our limits.

I feel so much gratitude for the students who have persevered by continuing their yoga practices. The option to do In-Center and the safest option of doing Zoom from home has kept the center going and the teachers inspired. We have received amazing feedback from so many!

The meditation practices of yoga help us to nurture stillness and deep inner peace. We become aware that there is a bigger energy in the universe and it is inviting us all to develop perseverance and patience in these uncertain times. Personally, this time of Covid-19 has had some hidden blessings as well. I have learned to slow down more- less DOing and more BEing which has given me more time for journaling and it has anchored my yoga practices even more.

Our society as a whole wants instant gratification with as little effort as possible. Now, we are all called to dig in and practice perseverance and patience as we are not in a sprint but rather a marathon. Can you take the time to recognize the hidden blessings in your life? I invite you to develop a daily practice of asana and meditation so that you can nurture the qualities of perseverance and patience as the tools to see you through this. If you commit to one or two classes a week and then take what you learn and bring it home into a daily practice of 15-20 minutes for 30 days you WILL notice yourself becoming more steady, peaceful and able to embody the gifts this practice offers.

Janie Gunn
Source Yoga