As we move into the month of November many changes occur. The leaves are displaying their colors before dying and falling off the trees. It is a part of the seasonal changes that nature brings to this part of the country and represents the cycles of life as well.

Everything is always changing- we will be “falling back” one hour so daylight will wane earlier than we are used to. Our bodies and minds need time to adjust to the changing seasons. Rather than bemoan the fact that summer has left, fall has arrived and winter is on its way ; embrace gratitude in the midst of all the change.

I love to take long walks in nature to immerse myself in the moment. There is beauty all around in every season. It helps me to accept each season and treasure the many gifts nature offers. I recently traveled to Yellowstone National Park and the beauty there seemed almost other-worldly. Back home again in Indiana I cherish daily walks outdoors which help me recharge and reset my attitude towards gratitude.

It is often easy to be grateful when everything is going well. The challenge lies in being able to be grateful for the full spectrum of experiences you have had in life. For me the breakup of relationships that I have had in the past led me to my current romantic relationship. I got really clear on what mattered and am truly grateful for the man I have attracted into my life now.

Yoga invites an inquiry into your own heart and keeping a gratitude journal is one way to focus on all that you have to be grateful for. The great times; the bad times and everything in between. How have you grown emotionally in the seasons of your life? Take time to reflect and appreciate yourself in this process.

My family has a tradition at Thanksgiving to go around the table and speak for a few minutes about what each person present is grateful for. Some find this hard to do. Yet, being able to express appreciation is a big part of a gratitude practice. Find ways throughout your days not just Thanksgiving to reach out and say thank you to all who you are grateful for.

I am very grateful for the teachers that share their gifts of teaching at the center. Thank YOU for attending our classes!
As we all continue to navigate changes may we set the intention to embrace an attitude of gratitude.

Janie Gunn