I am a trainer and teacher of the Ashaya Yoga method which was developed by my teacher Todd Norian. Ashaya means “abode of the heart” and is a style which incorporates 4 Essential Techniques in order to align optimally in the physical practice while weaving in a heart centered theme. This method deepens the experience of yoga on all levels physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

When I opened the center 15 years ago, I had gone through 2 teacher trainings and still felt like something was missing. And as they say when the student is ready the teacher will appear! I met Todd Norian at a yoga event in Chicago and felt I had met a sincere and skillful teacher trainer. He taught with such passion and dedication it really spoke to my heart. It felt like not only did I get a physical workout along the way my heart opened and I was uplifted as well.I took several trainings with him and assisted him in many of his workshops and teacher trainings. This helped me soak in more knowledge and improve my own ability to speak to others hearts and become a better teacher myself through these experiences. I have led one Ashaya® teacher training with Mark Killion and hope to offer an Ashaya deepening training and others in the future as a trainer of this method.

Currently I am participating in his “Pillars of Peace” program which has incorporated “Blankets of Peace” a yoga nidra and deep relaxation series along with daily mantra, pranayama, meditation and asana practices. During these difficult times that life is throwing our way these practices of yoga are helping me navigate the challenges and stay centered throughout (most days)! I have offered my own 21 day meditation series to encourage others to cultivate a daily meditation practice and I will continue to offer more in the future.

When you cultivate Awareness and Acceptance with Appropriate Action (the three A’s of Ashaya) you are living with an open heart and that is the grand purpose of the practice of yoga. And yoga is so much more than a physical practice- it teaches us how to ride the waves of life and respond graciously rather than react negatively.