There is a term in yoga called adhikara which is known as studentship. There are 3 levels of being a student of yoga. In the early stages of practice many come to their mat intermittently in a class format. This denotes a mild interest in yoga. Then you have the student who decides that yoga is going to be a part of their life by committing to a one or two time a week practice to deepen their understanding and gain the physical benefits. Others decide to go all-in by developing a daily practice of yoga, delving into the philosophical texts like Patanjali’s yoga sutras and exploring yoga as a lifetime practice.

What level are you? I think of the levels of studentship as hot sauce- mild-medium or on fire. Oftentimes students go through stages of mild interest to medium then all-in and back again. It is a personal journey. Yoga can be just a physical practice or it can lead to a spiritual awakening where you discover the essence of your true nature. The combination of asana, pranayama and meditation are tools for your personal growth and awakening.

I came to yoga after divorce 25 years ago. I had always been into working out, going to a gym, doing step aerobics and weight training along with many other physical activities. But the divorce took a huge toll on my emotional self and my church offered it so I decided to give it a try. From that first practice I felt like I had come “hOMe” to myself. Probably why I like to chant OM as it reminds me to come hOMe to my true nature.

One day the yoga teacher needed someone to teach her class the following week and she looked directly at me. Having had no experience teaching I was terrified but decided to jump right in. Wow- to share the benefits of what I had learned with others felt truly rewarding. Yet that was only the beginning of a lifetime journey of learning about this sacred practice. It seems to me that the more you know the less you know applies here. It is a continual discovery which makes this practice so rewarding personally. Having a yoga center and getting the chance to labor with love has been quite the journey as well.

I am so grateful to all the students who continued their practice with us throughout the pandemic. It shows your dedication. All the teachers here at Source Yoga have been committed to serving as well. We all labor with love.

So, I ask again- what is your level of adhikara? Consider increasing your level in order to reap even more of the amazing benefits yoga has to offer: Vibrant health, physical strength and flexibility, breath awareness and the ultimate- a deeper connection to the heart of YOU.

We look forward to seeing you in classes either in center or online.

Janie Gunn